Abstract Submission and Review

How do I submit an abstract?
The call for papers closed on 15 December 2019 and review process concluded.

When will I be notified about the outcome of the review?
The review process was completed 20 December 2019 and results sent to the authors by email shortly after.

Can I organise a panel proposal?
If you wish to organise a panel session, all papers must be submitted via the abstract submission system, followed by an additional email to globalgoals@uu.nl to specify the name of the panel chair(s) and which papers you would like to group together, along with the title of the session.


Can I register for only one of the two days?
The symposium does not offer day registration. In order to ensure coherence of the programme and continuing discussions we encourage participants to attend the full programme.

Do I still have to pay to register?
The payment of a registration fee is no longer required, and participation in the virtual symposium will be free of charge. Participants who have already paid the registration fee will in principle be refunded. More information on the details of the refunding process will be provided soon.

Since the symposium is now virtual and no longer in Utrecht, who will cover lost travel expenses?
This is a global health pandemic, and we cannot be held responsible or liable for any costs that participants might have incurred in preparing for the event. If you need a formal cancellation letter for your home institution or funding agency, please contact us at globalgoals@uu.nl.

Presentation and Papers

Are there guidelines for the presentation?
Depending on the final number of presentations in the panel, each presenter will have 15-20 minutes for presentation and 5-10 minutes for questions and answers. It is up to the presenter whether or not to prepare a PowerPoint presentation.

Are there guidelines for full papers?
Given that this is an interdisciplinary and international conference, participants are encouraged to draw on their own disciplinary or local norms and standards for paper length and format. However, recommended maximum length is 8000 words. The scientific quality of your paper is most important.

Online conferencing requires a stronger emphasis on written papers, and we plan to strengthen the role of online discussants. For that reason, we expect all participants to submit their papers 1 June by emailing globalgoals@uu.nl. We also understand, however, that the pandemic crisis limits the time available to many of us for academic work, and we will accept when participants can upload only first drafts.

How do I know what day and time I will present?
A final version of the detailed programme will be available shortly before the symposium. Please note that the exact time-slot for your presentation may change up to the start of the conference as we aim at coherent panels and will have to adjust to withdrawals and other changes.

Can I serve as a chair or discussant during a parallel session?
Yes! The role of chairs and discussants will be essential in the new virtual format. They will be key to ensuring lively sessions and that presenters are provided with genuine substantive feedback on their papers. If you are interested in serving as chair or discussant in a parallel session, please e-mail globalgoals@uu.nl as soon as possible. You can suggest which panel you find most fitting to your expertise (see the online programme).

Virtual Symposium

What will change?
The new format will be a two-day symposium in which the four plenary sessions with the keynotes will be made fully open in the Internet, while the parallel panel sessions will be accessible only for registered participants in order to allow for focused discussions (e.g., as Zoom meetings). We are exploring options for also having parts of the social programme in a virtual environment. Suggestions are welcome.

Will my timezone be taken into account in the planning of the virtual symposium?
One major challenge in a global virtual conference are time differences. We will try to take this into account in scheduling panels, to the extent possible. We assume for all participants that they will participate from the location of their main institution. Please inform us by e-mailing globalgoals@uu.nl in case on 10-11 June you will be based in a time zone that is different from that of your main academic institution.

What are the consequences of a virtual symposium?
We are of course very much disappointed that we will not be able to physically meet you in Utrecht this summer. However, going virtual also opens up new opportunities, for instance, in terms of reducing emissions from our activities, or further including researchers from the Global South, to name a few. In addition, our virtual symposium will provide one of the first spaces to explore the role of the Agenda 2030 and the 17 SDGs in steering policy responses to recover from this global health, social, and economic crisis, and we are confident that it will foster global academic debate and cooperation.

What kind of software will I need?
We will inform you in due course about the online communication software that we will use and will provide you with detailed user instructions and technical recommendations.


Who can I contact if my question is not answered here?
Please email globalgoals@uu.nl and we will get back to you as soon as possible.