The GLOBALGOALS Project invites to GLOBALGOALS2024 - The Future of the SDGs, an international research conference to be held on 29-30 August 2024 in Utrecht, The Netherlands. The Call for Papers is open here:

Call for Papers


The GLOBALGOALS Project has organized the 2022 SDG Impact Assessment, the first comprehensive global assessment of the political impact of the Sustainable Development Goals. Written by a global team of over sixty experts and drawing on over three thousand scientific studies, this assessment explores in detail the political steering effects of the Sustainable Development Goals on the UN system and the policies of countries in the Global North and Global South; on institutional integration and policy coherence; and on the ecological integrity and inclusiveness of sustainability policies worldwide. It is a key resource for scholars, policymakers and activists concerned with the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals, and those working in political science, international relations and environmental studies more broadly. The assessment is published by Cambridge University Press; the book is available open access and can be downloaded for free.

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Access the GLOBALGOALS Project Media Kit - a summary of the research project, its methods, the central findings, and future research directions. Download and share the GLOBALGOALS Project Media Kit via any platform as a PDF.


The GLOBALGOALS project team is a vibrant international group of researchers based at Utrecht University, investigating the Sustainable Development Goals as novel governance interventions from varied perspectives. The group works with a global network of affiliated researchers and partner institutions.

Meet the Team

Prof. Frank Biermann

Principal Investigator

Prof Frank Biermann is a research professor of global sustainability governance with the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development, at Utrecht University in the Netherlands.