GLOBALGOALS2024 will take place at the the Faculty of Law, Economics, and Governance building located at Janskerkhof 3, in the historic city centre of Utrecht, the Netherlands.The closest bus stop is ‘Janskerkhof’, which is serviced by several bus lines. Some events – such as the Evening Reception and the Conference Dinner – are held in different locations.

For more information on getting there and accessibility, please see: Janskerkhof 3 – Campus – Utrecht University (uu.nl). 


We welcome you to a reception on the first evening of the conference. It will take place in the lovely monastery garden of the Dom Church  The reception is co-hosted by the University of Oslo SDG Initiative.

The reception will take place on Thursday, 29 August 2024, time TBC.


The conference dinner will take place at the Winkel van Sinkel, an iconic venue nested in the heart of Utrecht. Originally erected as a grand warehouse between 1837 and 1839, it still stands proudly at Oudegracht 158. Over time, Winkel van Sinkel has become synonymous in the Netherlands with stores that offer a diverse array of goods. Today, this historic building is home to one of Utrecht’s most beloved restaurants, preserving its legacy as a cornerstone of the city’s unique cultural heritage.

The conference dinner will take place on August 30th (time TBC), will be fully vegetarian and is covered by the registration fee – we look forward to enjoying with you a festive evening after a successful conference!



If you cannot walk from your hotel to the conference venue, the easiest, most common and eco-friendly way of getting around in Utrecht is by bike. You can rent a bike for €8.- per day  at Willemstraatbike (Willemstraat 22) or for €18.- per day at Black Bikes (Vredenburg 29). See also: Bike rental in Utrecht | Discover Utrecht, the guide to Utrecht (discover-utrecht.com).


Public Transport

For visitors to the Netherlands, OVpay is the best way to check in and out when travelling by public transport. You only need your debit or credit card to easily travel throughout the country by train, tram, bus or metro. Please note that when travelling by train, this is only valid for second class, and that any existing season tickets cannot be used.

OVpay provides a direct connection between your ride and your payment account. It works just like cashless payments in the supermarket, with the important difference being that you also have to check out to calculate the proper fare. With the OVpay app you can monitor whether you have checked in during the trip and you can look at your travel history.

If you’re visiting the conference, this is the cheapest and most practical solution because you do not need a separate card and are not tied to an unnecessary the cost of an OV-chipkaart (€7,50).

It is not possible to buy tickets using cash on the buses, you can only buy a ticket using a debit card or a credit card. A single run ticket is €3,10. Alternatively, single tickets can be bought with cash and any card at Utrecht Central Station, at the automatic vending machines or at the ‘OV Service and Tickets’ desk.


Travel to Utrecht

We encourage all participants to travel to Utrecht by train. Utrecht Central Station serves as a key railway junction in the Netherlands, offering frequent high-speed train connections to numerous European capitals, with some routes passing through Amsterdam Central Station.

For those traveling from further afield, Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam is the closest international airport. Direct train services are available from Schiphol Airport to Utrecht Central Station. Travel information and timetables are available at the NS website.


Participants are requested to arrange their own accommodations for the duration of the event. With a variety of hotels near the conference venue, attendees have several options to choose from. Please note, however, that accommodations tend to fill up rapidly during the busy summer season.

We provide some options for accommodation close to the conference venue. Please note, however, that GLOBALGOALS2024 does not have any special deal with these accommodations.

Hotels close to the Conference Venues


Hostels close to the Conference Venue


Hotels close to Utrecht Central Station

(10-15 minute walk/ 5-10 min public transport to conference venue)