SDG Impact Assessment
Implementing Sustainable Development Goals

at Multiple Levels

June 29, 2021 – 09:00am-10:00am (UTC+2)

After our successful first episode of the GlobalGoals Webinar Series a few weeks ago in which we presented key insights into the Assessment’s chapter on global governance, we are now continuing with a sneak-peak into chapter three of the SDG Impact Assessment:
Implementation at Multiple Levels.

Co-lead author Rob Raven, professor of Sustainability Transitions at Monash University (Australia), will illustrate the chapter’s key findings on the institutional, discourse, resource and relational effects of the SDGs at different levels of governance, as well as their impact on corporate and civil society actors.
Yixian Sun, contributing author to the chapter and assistant professor of International Development at the University of Bath (United Kingdom), will showcase the impact of the SDGs at the case of China. A special invite to this webinar therefore goes to the Asia-Pacific global sustainability research community.

Next to Rob and Yixian, the author team of chapter two includes co-lead author Andrea Ordóñez Llanos, Magdalena Bexell, Brianna Botchwey, Basil Bornemann, Jecel Censoro, Marius Christen, Liliana Díaz, Thomas Hickmann, Kristina Jönsson, Imme Scholz, Michelle Scobie, John Thompson, John Thwaites and Abbie Yunita.

We are happy that Anne-Sophie Stevance, senior science officer at the International Science Council (ISC), has followed our invitation to serve as discussant in this webinar. Anne-Sophie manages the ISC’s science-policy related activities around the SDGs, the post-2015 framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and the new climate agreement, supporting a stronger interface between scientists and policy-makers. Based on her professional experiences, Anne-Sophie will discuss our scientific findings of how the SDGs have shaped national, regional and local governance. We will end the webinar, with a Q&A by the audience.

Rob Raven, Monash University, Australia
Yixian Sun, University of Bath, United Kingdom
Anne-Sophie Stevance, International Science Council

Thomas Hickmann, Co-editor of the SDG Impact Assessment

The webinar will take place via the software zoom. Registration is required and can be done by clicking the button above.

More than sixty scholar jointly evaluated in the SDG IMPACT ASSESSMENT whether the Sustainable Development Goals had had any steering effects impact in global, national, or local governance. In March 2022 the SDG Impact Assessment will be published by Cambridge University Press.
The GLOBALGOALS Webinar Series and the findings of the SDG Impact Assessment are also feeding into the work of the recently established Taskforce on the SDGs of the Earth System Governance Project.


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