Strategic Foresight, Future Generations and intergenerational justice

Led by Fronika de Wit

How does a long-term futures perspective benefit the future of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and sustainability governance?

This research builds upon the insights of futures thinking to provide (policy) recommendations for improved sustainability governance. Futures thinking looks at possible, probable and preferred futures and aims to provide guidance in navigating uncertainty.

In 2021, in preparation for the  2023 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Summit, the United Nations Secretary General presented its report Our Common Agenda, in which it, among others, emphasizes the vital importance of strategic foresight and future generations for the implementation of the SDGs. In September 2024, building on the SDG Summit, it will be hosting the Summit of the Future, where it prepares for its Pact for the Future, showcasing global solidarity for current and future generations.