“The SDGs open the door for serious action by every country and by every community” – Sir Richard Jolly

In this podcast global goals expert Sir Richard Jolly tells us about his personal experience with goals as a governance instrument, why he thinks the SDGs represent a unique endeavour in international policy-making, and explains what is needed to turn the universal aspirations of the SDGs into practice.

Sir Richard was the former director of the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University (1972-81), deputy executive director of UNICEF (1982-95), special advisor to the Administrator of UNDP (1996-2000), principal coordinator of the Human Development Report, and codirector of the UN Intellectual History Project (1999-2010), among numerous other functions, awards and recognitions – including Richard’s membership, in 1959, of the British Alpine Hannibal Expeditionwhich sought to recreate Hannibal’s route across the Alps with the aid of an elephant.

This podcast was curated by Abbie Yunita and Francesco S. Montesano.


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